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""The BeadBug Smile Exchange""


Stories are supplied by people who have found my BeadBugs in different places around New Zealand and the world.  

There is a note attached to the BeadBug which says ""This BeadBug is yours to keep as long as you promise to smile at random people more often - Visit www.beadbugs.co.nz and share your BeadBug story""

and if you can't smile at random people, then pass the beadbug forward to someone else who may like to take up the challenge.

I call this my 'BeadBug Smile Exchange'.

Even if you just Smile every time you see the BeadBug, that will be enough


1.  Who will be in the next Story ??  What will it be about??  Will there be a Photo?? -  exciting stuff coming soon


No. 4 STORY - 25.2.16

Hi, I found your beadbug in Inglewood at amercarna. At first I was abit unsure what it was I thought someone had lost it and I was going to advertise in the local paper. Then when I read the piece of paper properly I thought what a nice thing someone had done. My little girl who is one thinks its great. When I got home I went on your web site and what a awesome thing you are doing it made my day and my little girls ! Thank you so much.     I hope you enjoyed americana as well, its such a great event for taranaki.   Cheers  -  Kelly Chamberlain

No. 3 STORY - 21.9.15

Hi there thanks so much for the beadbug . The fact that i found one made me smile and think that smiling at random people is good :) i will send a pic and where i found it in my next email . Miles of smiles :) . Thanks again    ----- 

3rd beadbug found3rd beadbug foundHeres the pic of the one i found in brighton mall.   I was walking along and looked down and saw it sitting on a box and thought thats so cool . So i stopped looked around and thought good no ones watching so i picked it up and read the tag and that made me smile :) . Miles of smiles all round .    --------------------->>>>>>>>

No. 2 STORY - 20.9.15

 My son Daniel found this wee fella at Kaikoura on Friday......we LOVE the idea and will be passing him along when we go to school camp in Woodend tomorrow!!!  Thank you so much for a lovely gesture,,,,,,I love to teach my son about these moments in his life, and you have helped immensely

 No. 1 STORY - 17.9.15


We found this lovely spider bead bug living in a tree at Opua waterfall walk, Kaikoura, today (17/09) and what a smile it bought to our face.
We went to see the baby seals but we have missed the season. The waterfall is lovely tho and worth the walk. Made even more special by this beadbug! Whilst we didnt keep the beadbug (it had already made us smile and some young children were moments behind us e thought might like to discover it) we will keep the promise to smile at people more often.
Oh... a little about us. We are travelling New Zealand for a year (10 months in) from Manchester, UK. It is a beautiful country filled with lovely peiple just like you. Hope the smile exchange brings just as much joy to other people as it did us.
Thank you
Leanne and Michael 

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