Tree of life Tutorial

Posted 7/21/2015

Tree of life Tutorial -- curly leaf tree

How to Make a Curly Leaf "Tree of life" Wire Wrapped Tree

Summary: This is a Wire Wrapping DIY project about making wire wrapped jewelry. I will show you how to make a wire wrapped Tree with a moon  step by step.


Tree of life with curly leaves & moon for tutorialTree of life with curly leaves & moon for tutorialThis is what we are going to create -   -- I have the measurements in of mm & inches - in New Zealand we can use both as we grew up with both measurements.


Supplies needed:

Piece of pipe? 2 inches in diameter

1/16th inch (1.8mm) thick copper wire 18" long (460mm)

8 x 24g (or 26g) brown Zebra Copper wire 24g 13" (330mm) long

1 x 26g copper wire to do top weaving  approximately 20" (520mm) long

Green coloured wire for the leaves - wound round a Dowel so not sure how much was used - taken off a roll.  24g or 26g.

1 x bead for the moon

Plyers, Cutters, Dowel (4.5mm or 0.9m radius)


copper wire around the pipecopper wire around the pipe

 1. roll the 1/16th inch (18mm) copper wire around the pipe

2. with the 26g copper wire, weave in & out (or over & under) for about 1 inch

over & under weave for 1 inchover & under weave for 1 inch

3. bend weave over to create a loop

bend to make a hookbend to make a hook








4. Keep bending big wires over to make 2 circles on either side of the weaved looploops loops

cut the wire at the back so it looks like this.cut the wire at the back so it looks like this.

5.cut the wires off the back so it looks like this - the 26g wire used for weaving can be tied & cut off however you can.  

13" wire threading for the roots13" wire threading for the roots

6.  Now for the roots of the tree.


7. Take all 8 x 13" (330mm) wires and fold in half.  With the 1st wire, put one half through the big loop. and keeping the underneath wire on the left, wind it around 2 times, and then take the right hand wire and wind it around 2 times (make sure the wires stay at mostly the same length when finished).

8. Do this with 4 of the wires, making sure the top wire is on the right, and the bottom wire is on the left.root wire twistingroot wire twisting


9. Push them to the right of the big loop.

Now we will do the same on the Left.

10.  With the 1st wire, for the left side of the roots, keep the underneath wire on the right, and the top wire on the left, which is the opposite to the 4 wires on the right.Left rootsLeft roots

11.  do this with all 4 wires on the left side of the tree.






12.   Now you should have 4 wires on the right & 4 wires on the left of the hanger. - see below.

roots - left & rightroots - left & right

bending rootsbending roots

13.  With a pair of plyers bend the wires into the middle,  on each side, then bring them together









14.  Now twist all the wires together to make the trunk.  If you wish to put a kink into the trunk, just wind it very tightly & it will wind back upon itself and make a kink.  Otherwise just twist and make a straight trunk.  Make the trunk about 1 inch high.

making the trunkmaking the trunk

15.  Divide the wires into 4 groups of 4 as evenly as you can.  These will be the branches.  Then twist 4 of them together 


16.  Then take the 8 wires & twist them together 8 times.branchesbranches

17.  you will end up with 16 wires which you can twist around the edges and then we will add the moon.




17.  Tie the moon on where you want it.  The picture at the top has the moon on the right & in the photo's the moon is on the left.  This tutorial tree can be turned either way & it will be the same (or mostly).  so hope there is no confusion there.

branches & moonbranches & moon

18.  At this point I also tweeked the branches to give them some character.  Take a pair of plyers and bend the branches so they have a kink in them. 


Now we are ready for the "Leaves" -- so grab your Green wire and your piece of Dowel.





leaves on dowelleaves on dowel

19.   Wrap the green wire around the piece of dowel for however thick you might want the leaves.  I did mine for this long (see photo) and it seemed to be proficient for the effect of the tree.


20.  Slide the wire off the piece of Dowel and tie one end to the the leavesthe leaves

boarder of the tree.


21.  Then start threading it in and out of the branches, unwinding the green wire as you go











22.  Use all the wire up (it gets a bit tricky to pull through but at this stage you can go over & under and around for the effect you want.


23.  the last bit is to tie off your branches onto the boarder.tie off branchestie off branches

Cut the wire and hide it once you have wound the branch wire around 3 to 4 times





finished tree with moonfinished tree with moon


There you have it, 


Tree looks much the same front and back.








This is another tree I did in the same design but the branches have a little more character & thicker wire was used for the Leaves and a different moon.

I hope you enjoyed the Tutorial and maybe while you are here, you could look at my some of my other creations I have made.  

Also send me your designs, I would love to see them.  email.


 2 trees I made2 trees I made


 Thank you for looking - Jill Norman - Beadbugsme & my beadbugsme & my beadbugs